Leak Sealer Concentrate

Leak Sealer Concentrate

Leak Sealer Directions:
For use in indirect systems only.

Shake bottle before opening and use entire contents. Suitable for use with Power Flushing machines, dose via the reservoir. For open vented systems, dose via the Feed/Expansion tank. Switch on system and bleed radiator as necessary. After completion of treatment, peel installation label from side panel and attach to boiler casing. Record date for future reference.

Technical Information:
Leak sealer concentrate can eliminate damp patches under screed avoiding costly repairs.

Add Leak Sealer concentrate to the central heating circuit. Leak Sealer Concentrate is effective within 1 – 24 hours when a soft seal will form. Compatible with all Corgi central heating products. Corrosion protection must also be carried out by adding inhibitor.

Each 0.5 litre container of Leak Sealer Concentrate is usually sufficient for a standard domestic heating system up to 100 litres (approx 10 radiators). It is acceptable to add Corgi Silencer, Inhibitor and Leak Sealer to the system and leave indefinitely.

Product Code: TRIPCON5-C

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